Where is the writer who does not end up trying his hand at writing fiction? I, too, am bitten by the bug. For a person who normally writes humor it is surprising that his serious fiction has fetched him more success than has his humorous fiction.



1. Romance on a diet
2. Desi Wild Hogs
4. A Bungled Romance
5. An untold story


1. The Woman who loved her dog
2. Heaven in Hell - Part I
3. Heaven in Hell - Part II
4. Heaven In Hell - Part III
5. Heaven in Hell - Part IV
6. Heaven in Hell - Part V
7. A Season of Hope! A Season of Despair! – Consolation Prize Lakme Contest
8. Yet another hair-raising tale
9. Eviction
10. A 9 year old’s unfair life
11. Even Angels will fall
12. The Silent World
13. And then there were none
14. Heaven in Hell
15. Make a wish
16. Save this sinner
17. Sweet and Sour
18. Goldilocks and the three bears
19. He was a nice man
20. A Christmas whimsy

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