I write almost exclusively in what I think as my humorous style. Except for the posts under 'Philosophy' and specific sub-categories under 'Fiction' and 'Others' all other posts are unlikely to be bereft of humor. Posts under this category are specifically labeled 'Humor' only because they do not fit into any of the other categories.



1. The tip-of-the-tongue syndrome
2. Cleanly Bachelors: Another Oxymoron?
3. Eyes that do not read
4. Sick of Motion
5. Cricketing Exploits
6. I am on Song
7. My date with Facebook
8. My Guest Post - How to stay a bachelor
9. Thrill and Spills
10. Cooking Woes
11. Swimming like a stone
12. A predictive letter? – Spicy Saturday pick by Blogadda
13. Fun with books
14. Idling excellence
15. Buying vegetables – Yesterday
16. Skating on (thin?) ice
17. Celebrations
18. Losing arguments
19. Shopper! Stop!
20. Fractured Days
21. Guest Post for Akanksha Dureja
22. Impressions
23. Coincidences
24. Lament of a Jester
25. Break
26. Shopping woes
27. Melting Moments
28. Indolent Pleasures
29. I, the literary critic
30. Weighty matters
31. Guest Post for Purba Ray
32. Vexing Colors
33. Acquiring an Ambition
34. Charisma
35. Hitting a fifty
36. Shakespearean Philosophy?
37. Let down by feminism
38. Praise Me
39. Pity
40. An envious 'Humorist'
41. Success
42. Success Again
43. Handwriting
44. Reunions
45. Self Portrayal
46. Being on the move
47. I never had a Valentine
48. All for me
49. Small talk
50. Acquiring Taste
51. Me? Lazy?
52. Bibliomania in action
53. I, the orator
54. A substantial iss1ue?
55. Fifty-one and kicking (and screaming too!)
56. Heighho to the Himalayas, again
57. A barbaric bibliophile
58. Games people play
59. I am determined
60. Do I like writing?
61. Sabha Rage
62. The year that was
63. Irresolute Resolutions?
69 . Advising - inadvisable?
65. Body Modesty
66. Mere 'achche din'
67. Standing on tiptoe
68. Mirror! Mirror! On the wall!
69. Of a book and reviews
70. My 400th post: Thank You
71. Learning social media lingo
72. Obsessive
73. Resolved
74. Eventually - I write
75. Being Single
76. Bemused
77. Lost and floundering
78. The Law of Equality?
79. Pictures
80. Early to rise?
1. Analog man in a digital world
82. Two lines
83. Friendship (Ye Dosti)
84. The right words
85. A bachelor and a baby
86. Master of Big Issues
87. I, the orator
88. Fishing for compliments
89. I love tech
90. A writerly rant
    91. Impressing people
    92. The ability to quote
    93. Phobias
    94. Justifications
    95. Choice confusion
    96. Outdated lessons
    97. Words maketh a man

        1.  The mysteries of Interviewing
        2.  Espionage and Management
        3.  On Busybodies - Part I
        4.  On Busybodies - Part II
        5.  Pre-placement Talks
        6.  On Presentations
        7.   Monkey see monkey do
        8.   The BIG Picture
        9.   Words of Importance - Scenario
        10. Words of importance - Strategy
        11. Words of Importance - Synergy
        12. Panchatantra with a twist - The Blue Jackal
        13. Words of Importance - Downsizing
        14. Panchatantra with a twist : The Turtle and the swans
        15. Words of Importance - Team-Player
        16. Panchatantra with a twist: The Bird and the Monkey...
        17. Words of Importance - Learning Curve
        18. Manage-Men-T

        1.  Ad Agonies
        2.  More Ad Agonies
        3.  Fun with ads
        4.  Requiem for some cinematic formulae
        5.  Beauty and Success
        6.  Ads - The best of programs on TV?
        7.  Ad Agonies, Again
        8.  The Lament of a Woman
        9.  The Revenge of Women
        10. Cinema, Serials and the concept of Goodness
        11. Even Angels will fall
        12. Straighten up or die
        13. Back to Ad Agonies
        14. The Metamorphosis of the Indian Hero
        15. The Metamorphosis of the Indian Heroine
        16. Uncommon Needs - Satisfied
        17. Guest Post for Janaki Nagaraj
        18. Intolerance?
        19. What have they done to you, Bond?
        20. All about Arnab
        21. The importance of Bollywood songs
        22. Of heroes and villains
        23. Romancing Bollywood style


        1.    Of journalistic 'perfection'
        2.    Cricketing Gentlemen
        3.    College Vignettes
        4.    Just love the way business works
        5.    Apt Quotations
        6.    Two minutes
        7.    Oh! How we use our brains! – Spicy Saturday pick by Blogadda
        8.    Sophisticated Behavior
        9.    Office Busyness
        10.  This ‘Green’ thing
        11.  Truth is stranger than Fiction
        12.  Riding Hobbyhorses
        13.  A typical(?) Group Discussion
        14.  Words and Meanings
        15.  Words and Meanings Again
        16.  Phrases and Meanings
        17.  Phrases and Meanings - I
        18.  Phrases and Meanings - II
        19.  Phrases and Meanings-III : Drop in any time
        20.  Phrases and Meaning IV - Good One?
        21.  P&M V - Guess who I am
        22.  P&M VI - I don't care
        23.  P&M VII - Let us agree to disagree
        24.  P&M VIII - Nobody understands me
        25.  P&M IX - I may be wrong
        26.  P&M X - All Right
        27.  A seven day week?
        28.  The sevens of marriage
        29.  P&M XI - No offense meant
        30.  Relearning English
        31.  Beware those titles
        32.  Karma and do-nothingism
        33.  Markownikoff's Rule for human behavior
        34.  Deadlines
        35.   I am impolite?
        36.  Eco-Diwali
        37.  A Martian Rage
        38.  An Arrogant AAP?
        39.  Influential people
        40.  Bird-brain among Birders
        41.  Birders again - Chilika Lake
        42.  Labels
        43.  Easy to please
        44.  Hard to get
        45.  Child-like
        46.  Mobile woes
        47.  A sense of belonging
        48.  Nobody likes compliments
        49.  Guest post for Dagny Sol
        50.  Problems and Solutions
        51.  Procrastination?
        52.  Out of the box
        53.  Less than three
        54.  Much Ado about 'Nothing'
        55.  Proverbial Lessons?
        56.  Contradictory proverbs
        57.  Discarded proverbs
        58.  Contradictory Proverbs - Again?
        59.  More contradictory proverbs?
        60.  Proverbs of convenience
        61.  Proverbs requiring interpretation
        62.  Truncated Proverbs?
        63.  Proverbial cliches?
        64.  Scratch my back, please
        65.  Confused
        66.  Winning
        67.  Boys will be boys?
        68.  Dressing decently
        69.  Meet and Greet?
        70.  Positively Rich?
        71.  The entertaining Einstein
        72.  Keynes - Interesting?
        73.  Bertrand Russell and dogma
        74.  Bertrand Russell and Politics
        75.  Bertrand Russell and Happiness
        76.  Bertrand Russell and idleness
        77.  What makes me tick
        78.  Gaucherie
        79.  Guide to becoming an effective Talk-show guest?
        80.  Of stubbornness and persistence
        81.  Singular Lessons: Guest post for Sumeetha Manikand...
        82.  Yet another problem?
        83.  Sorry apologies
        84.  Chalta hai
        85.  Greet back, our way
        86.  Black and White
        87.  Strange encounters of the pleasant kind
        88.  Monkey on my back
        89.  Guidelines, please
        90.  God save me
        91.  Generation Gap?
        92.  Helpless Lines
        93.  Empowerment
        94.  Honestly Rude?
        95.  The need to lie
        96.  Maundering about Laundering
        97.  Approval
        98.  Panchatantra with a twist - Netted Pigeons
        99.  Culture - Fragile, handle with care
        100. Panchatantra with a twist : The bug and the flea
        101. Have Opinion, Will Speak
        102. The numbers game
        103. Self Image
        104. Beliefs
        105. Old words; New meanings
        106. Work Hard, Play Hard
        107. Agree to disagree
        108. Homo Motoris
        109. The perils of a modern writer
        110. Fantasy
        111. The inimitable Oscar Wilde
        112. Much ado about intolerance
        113. Flooded out
        114. Posts galore
        115. An offer you cannot refuse?
        116. Satire in India
        117. What if...
        118. Sweet-talking?
        119. Directions
        120. Nutrition
        121. Decoding likes
        122. Luck
        123. Controversy
        124. Letting go
        125. Nothing succeeds like Success
        126. A bad workman blames his tools
        127. Familiarity breeds contempt
        128. This day and that day
        129. Do it well?
        130. What's in a name?
        131. No means NO
        132. Free!
        133. A Christmas rant


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