Treks 'N' Travels

I started blogging with the primary intention of maintaining a record of my treks and travels. Age caught up and I do far lesser of both now than I used to earlier. Nevertheless, I still do a bit of both and write about them too.



1. A Visit to Elephantland
2. Chitrakoot – the place of the ‘Bharat Milap’
3. A Trip to Haridwar
4. A Trip to Senegal
5. A Road Trip to Kanchi
6. River-Rafting – Shivpuri to Rishikesh
7. Wandering in Melbourne
8. A Trip to Munnar


1. Ramanagaram – A Rock-climber’s paradise
2. The Bandarpoonch trek
3. The Bandarpoonch Trek - Photos and Snippets
4. A trek to Nagalapuram
5. A trek to Kalhatti falls
6. The Ombattu-Gudde Trek
7. A Trek in Goa
8. The Brahmagiri Trek
9. Zen and the art of mountain motor-biking
10. A Trek to Brahmital – Part I
11. A Trek to Brahmital – Part II
12. A Trek to Brahmital – Part III
13. A Trek to Brahmital – Part IV
14. Trekking in Kothagiri
15. The Upper Mustang Trek - I
16. The Upper Mustang Trek - II
17. The Upper Mustang Trek - III
18. The Upper Mustang Trek - IV
19. The Upper Mustang Trek - V
20. The Upper Mustang Trek - VI
21. The Upper Mustang Trek - VII (The Legend of Tulsi)...
22. The Upper Mustang Trek - VIII
23. The Upper Mustang Trek - Finale
24. Trek to Chandrashila Peak
25. Trek to Valley of Flowers with GIO - To Auli
26. Trek to Valley of Flowers with GIO - To Ghangaria
27. Trek to Valley of Flowers with GIO - To Valley of ...
28. Trek to Valley of Flowers with GIO - To Hemkund Sa...
29. Trek to Valley of Flowers with GIO - To Badrinath,...
30. The Great Kashmir Lakes Trek - I
31. The Great Kashmir Lakes trek - II
32. The Great Kashmir Lakes Trek - III
33. A trek to Kudremukh
34. Trek to Hampta Pass - I
35. Trek to Hampta Pass - II
36. Trek to Hampta Pass - III


  1. Good stuff here! I am now following your blog. Should keep me occupied (and chuckling) for a while...