It is a common failing of any person who has lived up to a certain age or more to assume that he knows a fair  bit about what life is all about. I am as common as they come and, so, here is the proof that I am not immune to that failing.



1.  Part-I: Of Karma and Predestination
2.  Part-II: Of Karma and Predestination
3.  Part-III: Of Karma and Predestination
4.  Some Clarifications-I: Of Karma and Predestination...
5.  Some Clarifications-II: Of Karma and Predestination...
6.  Karma Yoga: Being ‘In the Zone’ always
7.  The theory of Maya: Is it all Illusion?
8.  Of Courage – Part I
9.  Of Courage – Part II
10. Guest post for Alka Narula
11. Guest Post for Alka Narula Again
12. Karma and do-nothingism
13. It's all in the mind - GP for Alka Narula
14. Tales from the Mahabharat - GP for Alka Narula
15. A Mahabharat tale - The Brahmin and the Butcher (G...

Received Wisdom

1.  The entertaining Einstein
2.  Keynes - Interesting?
3.  Bertrand Russell and dogma
4.  Bertrand Russell and Politics
5. Bertrand Russell and Happiness
6. Bertrand Russell and idleness
7. Learning teaches humility
8. This is intelligence?
9. Dependence?


1.  A Life chasing Lollipops
2.  Of Choices
3.  Of Power
4.  Stress and Achievement
5.  Of Nature and Human Nature
6.  A touch of the divine
7.  Change the way you value people
8.  Black is also Good
9.  Of Sour Grapes
10. Change the way you value yourself
11. Do you have the courage to face going slowly blind...
12. Don’t you trust me?
13. Atheism is also only a belief
14. Guest Post in the -NRI: Colonial Hangover? Not Rea...
15. Agony Aunt
16. Of Communication
17. This ‘Green’ thing
18. Middle Age Blues
19. Of Pride and Arrogance
20. The importance of hypocrisy
21. What makes me tick
22. Of stubbornness and persistence
23. Singular Lessons: Guest post for Sumeetha Manikand...
24. Tomorrow never comes
25. Tolerance

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