Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Bandarpoonch Trek - Photos and Snippets

An article on the Bandarpoonch trek was carried by The Hindu in its Trichy edition, which I forgot to refer to in my earlier write-up. The URL is

You can readily see that the photograph in my earlier write-up is the same as the one carried here. Some more photographs of the Bandarpoonch trek are here. I am no photographer and all the photographs have been taken by other members of the trek group.

One keeps finding that one has not mentioned all that is there to convey about a trek. For example, the evening bridge sessions with Vinod, Chandru and Dr. Sunil were a part of the daily routine. The other three tried their best to play bridge despite my best efforts at disrupting the game! What with point counts, bidding conventions and calculated card play, Bridge seemed more like work than play to me but the others assure me that I can get to enjoy it. But, then, there are even people who enjoy working!

I also see that I made a passing mention of the fact that the Bridge quartet shared the tent with the girls. The effect on the girls of this arrangement bears mention. In fact, if you asked them about the trek the enjoyability quotient of this trek would probably drop drastically! What with four of the girls sharing their tents with their dads, you can readily understand why this tent emptied rapidly and the boys’ tent was filled to bursting for as long as possible!

The problem for the girls was the singing sessions between us after it was too late for them to be staying away. At least we called them that but, if you had asked them, they would have called them caterwauling sessions, unless they felt extremely charitable at the moment. The problem was not merely our selection of songs but also the fact that our very presence put a stopper on their own singing (or caterwauling) sessions.

We came in very handy, however, upon reaching the campsite and finding wet and dirty sleeping mats, thanks to the incessant snowfall. Of course dads don’t do all the work but they come in handy for the heavy duty lugging. Attempts at getting us to stuff in all of their sleeping bags into their respective covers came a cropper, however, after the first day. We may be foolish but we do learn from our mistakes!

All in all, it was not merely Nature that provided all the fun in the trek. Human nature did add to it!


  1. Hi C.Suresh (as I would call you in school to differentiate the many suresh's that we had!):

    This is Amar you classmate from JHSS. I received this link through our class newsgroup on Yahoo! I am not surprise that you have your own blog/travelogue, given what a voracious reader you were at school. Where are you these days? Ping me at when you get a chance so we can connect.

    Amar (erstwhile P.C.Amarnath from Neyveli/JHSSS)

  2. Suresh:

    Exciting hike. Great pictures. Nice to know that you are hanging out with young folks! It couldn't be more livelier.

    I enjoy hiking as well and I've done a few peaks in the area including the highest peak in continental US 14.5K.

    Keep me posted on your hikes.