Saturday, March 31, 2012

A 9 year old’s unfair life

Life is not fair! Why should my sis be allowed to do things that I cannot? When I am in a hurry and run out in my vest, Mom yells at me. My sis can happily go out in hers and nothing happens. Mine is at least tucked into my shorts. Her vest ends an inch above her jeans and, just because it is colorful, she can go shopping in it?

I wish she would buy jeans one size larger. Then it would not take her so long to wear them and make me late for the movie. Why should I pick up her lipstick from the floor because she buys jeans so tight that she can’t bend?

Party days for her are a real pain. Why can’t she get a dress that is properly stitched? It is all open at the back and she has me tie a zillion knots behind and still her back does not close properly. What is with those knots on her arms, anyway? Why make a slit in it and then have something to tie it up? And why should you tie it up when it won’t close properly?

I have to go around all day in shorts and she gets to wear a dozen dresses a day. She spends a fortune on clothes and they don’t even fit her properly but no-one complains. Life is not fair!


  1. now what can one say to a disgruntled 9yr old ?

  2. I wouldn't know:) I am not a father:) Thanks for coming by

  3. Oh come on , life is not so cruel !!!
    anyways awesome post !

  4. Thanks!! The young always feel the smallest disappointments more strongly:)

  5. Replies
    1. Didn't quite get that! This was written as though they were the thoughts of a 9 year old and not as a general take on life. I was challenged to write a 'critical analysis of woman's fashions from the point of view of a 9 year old guy' and this was my reply.