Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ad Agonies, Again

I seem to be developing a lot of irrational fears thanks to ads. For example, when I am out on the streets, I am always looking warily around for people who would waylay me with scalp cameras and dental cameras. What can be more irrational than my wearing a hunted look on my face being afraid of people trying to sell me shampoos? Given the super-abundance of hair on my head, the last thing anyone would want to sell to me is an anti-dandruff shampoo. Something to help grow hair would be more like it.

Another of these irrational fears keeps me from buying the Cadbury Bournville chocolates. Every time I go to my local mall and try to pick it, I am frightened by the possibility that the counter clerk would put me to work packing goods for the other customers. After all, you don’t just buy a Bournville, you have to earn it!

Ads not only create irrational fears they seem to create irrational hopes as well. Take the Airtel Money ad about the chap in Goa, who is robbed of all his belongings by a woman, calling up his friend for help. I cannot understand this woman. She steals his wallet, his baggage and even the clothes off his back but leaves behind his mobile so that he can call for help!

All I can say is that if you are in the mood for dangerous liaisons in Goa, please do not think that a mobile and a convenient friend will do the trick for you. A real life woman may have less use for your soiled clothes and more for your mobile!

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