Monday, January 25, 2016

An offer you cannot refuse?

I know that the very moment you hear that 'An offer you cannot refuse', especially from me, you are all afire to say, "Oh yeah? Watch me do it" (Not being Don Corleone is SUCH a handicap). See that squiggly vertical line at the end of it with a dot below? THAT's to cater to people like you.

So, this offer is about what Amazon calls a 'Countdown deal'. My book - "A dog eat dog-food world" - which is priced at a princely sum of USD 2.99/= will be available at an even more princely sum of USD 0.99/= till 28th January at and at GBP 0.99/= at Unfortunately, there seem to be no options for countdown deals in markets other than these two. I know it is rather difficult to believe but there are some 23 ratings and 15 reviews (other than mine) on Goodreads and the book has an average rating of some 4.8 currently.

As everyone around me knows, I am a very generous person, especially when I have no option but to be so. Thus, even if you do refuse my offer, you can still go to any (or all) of these posts, which interests you.

Aniesha Brahma wanted me to write about how the idea of this book arose in my mind and how it germinated. This, then, is the true story of how 'A dog eat dog-food world' got written.

The Read Addicts - Janhvi in particular - wanted me to write on the Indian literary scene. I do not know what they thought of the unseemly sight of a humorist in tears. (There IS a post below all the book details!)

There, then! No-one can say that I am not generous (with my words, that it. Touch my wallet and rouse the Indian Tiger)