Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Anne McCaffrey's Pern Series : A Guest Post for The Fool

The Fool, who blogs at Luciferhouseinc has been a close friend for some time. The problem with him is that he cannot mince his words even when it comes to a friend's output. I had put in for a review by him long ago and, as the time came for him to give me one, I waited with trepidation. Criticism has always been a bitter pill for me to swallow and this was one I had been foolish enough to invite on my head.

It was, thus, a great joy to actually read his review of my blog - and a realization of how much sweeter it is to hear complimentary words when you know that the person dishing them out does not do so unless he genuinely feel they are deserved. His review of my blog is here.

He had recently started another blog to explore the worlds of Science Fiction and Fantasy and had invited me to contribute a piece on one of the various series in those genres. My guest post was on Anne McCaffrey's Pern series and it comes fast on the heels of his review of my blog - yet another of those coincidences in life on the lines of not meeting a person for years and then bumping into him by accident over and over again in the course of a week.

You can read that guest post here.