Thursday, July 24, 2014

It's all in the mind - GP for Alka Narula

Every now and then, I let my beard flow down untrammeled (untrimmed?), put on my saffron robes (metaphorically), sit in a padmasan and pontificate on the thusness of things. Sometimes, I do manage to get my tongue to my cheek; at others, I am serious enough to seem like the understudy of Swami someone-or-the-other. (Not that any Swami, worth his saffron, is likely to even consider acknowledging my existence, leave alone actually knowing me.) A full list of my pontificating posts is indexed in this page.

It is not as though I wait upon encouragement to unleash my 'wisdom' on the unsuspecting populace. But, if there is someone who actually does encourage you, I must admit that it does lend a certain credence to your self-illusions. For lending me that credence, I must thank Alka Narula, who had been kind enough to publish my guest posts more than once, as witness "Does suffering negate the possibility of a compassionate God" and "In defense of Ram".

Once again, she invited me into her blog and once again you have the pleasure (dubious? I am not responsible for your doubts) of seeing my 'saffron-clad avatar'.

Not just happiness - even virtue and sin are all in the mind.


  1. Loved it Suresh Sir! It's all indeed in the minds. And I do believe that no one other than ourselves are capable of judging our actions because no one else knows the truth about the motives as clearly as ourselves. A wonderful story from the great epic that you've shared here. Thank you!

    1. AND we must judge our actions by what motivates us and not salve our conscience by justifying our actions :)

  2. Fully agree, Suresh. Incidentally I have been contemplating along the same lines lately. Trying to figure how to actionize this in my life.

  3. Absolutely love the post in your signature style:)

  4. I loved the line, "Virtue or sin does not lie in what you do. It lies in WHY you do what you do and THAT is all in the mind"..... philosophical but I'm lovin' it!