Friday, May 18, 2012

Heaven In Hell - Part III

Heaven-Net, 3G mobiles, Apps! The place is abuzz with words that he had never heard of, thought the Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper was complacent, however. From what he understood of the Net, this craze would peter out soon. After all, there was no money and no individual relationships in Heaven, which seemed to negate most of the uses of the Net. Further all knowledge that souls treasured were not applicable or even interesting since there were no nations, no wars and no trade disputes.
The thing that seemed to have taken the place by storm, however, was something called Soulbook. Souls from all over the place were exchanging messages with each other.
“I am so happy today”, said one soul. “So am I” commented another. “I am happy too” said a third.
“Never thought I could play a harp so well”, said a previously tone-deaf soul. “Neither did I” said another.
“Clouds can be truly comfortable to lie on”, said a relaxed soul. “Quite! Fluffy and soft” said another.
Souls exchanged audios and videos of their harp-playing and cavorting on clouds. They exchanged games like Ascending-the-cloud-ladder and Navel-contemplating. The Gatekeeper waited for this craze to peter off.
As indeed it started doing. After all, after you have read the fortieth comment about how happy someone is, heard the sixty-seventh great harp recital and read about the comfort coefficient of the clouds for the zillionth time, it is difficult to raise any enthusiasm to switch on the mobile and start reading the same things all over again. The souls had started to realize that when everyone is happy and equally as good at everything there is actually nothing exciting to communicate.
Before the Gatekeeper could rest on his laurels, however, catastrophe struck! Jack had hacked into Hellnet and, even though their audios, videos and apps would not open or work in Heaven, messages from their Soulbook became available.
Excitement, somehow, seemed more preferable to happiness for these modern souls!


  1. i have to finish the last 2 parts. this is really interesting. by the way, you could have put all 5 together in one post. it's not that long.

    1. Well! Bhavana complained of length in one of my earlier posts. Thought that losing readers because my posts are too short is far less likely than losing them because they are too long:)

    2. Lol, Suresh!!! You write so well and on such variety of topics that I can hardly keep up. Forget about writing, I cannot even read as much:( I run around wondering which one to read and which not and then I feel so miserable that I can't decide!!! Suresh, could you put up some kind of a widget which will display your favorite posts--at least that will help lazy readers like me to focus and zone in! In btw, your facebook post was fun and kind of close to my heart--I am a crazy fber:)

    3. Hi Bhavana! Thanks for your wonderful appreciation! I am stuck with this dynamic view which seems not to support any widgets and with contest entries out, difficult to change views as some URLs seem view-specific. You could try the labels, though, to select genre of reading (Select Flipcard option and organize by labels)