Friday, May 18, 2012

Heaven in Hell - Part IV

Jack was back again.
“Look at these messages from Hellnet! “Being sautéed today”! “Beelzebub coming over with a nice salt-and-pepper dressing for my burns”! “Today two imps missed me with their pitchforks! Yippeee!” How much fun they seem to be having! Looks like that is Heaven and this is Hell!”
“Ever heard of gallows-humor?” asked the Gatekeeper, wearily.
Jack seemed not to have heard.
“How about this game - Become Hell-Warden? Seems so interesting. Apparently there are six to seven levels with prizes for completing each level. There are so many comments flying about this game. The games here are pathetic. Why can’t you get that game here?”
“That is not allowed. We cannot have games of violence and unhappiness in Heaven”
“Censorship in Heaven! I would never have believed it. Looks to me like I have to go to the consumer court about this. This place does not live up to its billing”
“I am the only judge here”, said the Gatekeeper nastily. His patience was at an end.
“We will see about it. Let me put out a message on Soulbook and you will have an uprising of souls like you have never seen here before. We will see who the judge here is then.”
The Gatekeeper was aghast. Never had he faced a situation of a Heaven-full of souls in unrest. Something had to be done about this.
“Look, let us be reasonable. You think that Hell will be more pleasant for you than Heaven. I will try to arrange to transfer you to Hell. You, on the other hand, should remain silent about this whole matter”
“Done!” said Jack. After all, why should he not get what he wanted? The other souls seemed content enough with things here unless they were stirred up. Who was to know if the rebellion he stirred up would not peter out if the Gatekeeper was firm or wily enough to procrastinate?
“I give you one last chance to reconsider. Things that are interesting when talked about are not enjoyable when experienced.”
Jack looked at the Gatekeeper disbelievingly.
“All right! I will arrange for you to go to Hell soon. If within a month you choose to come back, you can. Else, you will be a permanent resident there”
“I will never come back!”
Never has more certainty been shown than when one is talking about something that one neither knows nor has any reason to know!


  1. super!! really engrossing. i could have posted only one comment for all 5 posts but decided to comment separately coz i love comments :D

    1. I love reading them too:) Glad you decided to take the time to comment once per post