Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Versatile Again

Well! My versatility keeps increasing in geometric progression! Two more people have nominated me for versatile blogger. It probably seems gauche for me to keep proclaiming awards but, believe me, I am doing it more to thank the two who nominated me than to beat my chest about it.
Navin Mathew and Saurabh Chawla have been kind enough to nominate me again as versatile blogger. The image on Navin’s nomination is new to me and is posted here. Saurabh’s nomination has the same logo as in my previous ‘I am versatile’ post. I have no clue as to whether these are both the same or are different.
What the awards primarily indicate to me is that there are people who actually read and like my posts. That is the message that I treasure and for communicating to me that they do see value in my posts I am truly grateful to Navin and Saurabh as well as Indu Chibber and Cynthia Vincent.
I have had a lot of messages about my being a ‘great’ blogger. Being but two months old – in the real sense – in blogosphere, I don’t think I qualify as great on experience. Since none of these people have seen me they can’t have seen how great I am in girth. I presume that it is either respect for my age or the kindness of their hearts that makes them say these things. I prefer to think that it is the latter and it is heart-warming to know such lovely people, however vicariously!
I will refrain from inflicting another seven things about myself  on you and I hope you will forgive me for not finding another 10-15 bloggers to nominate for the awards. As for my prior nominations, those can be checked on my post ‘I am versatile’!
Thanks once again both the all the people who nominated me as well as all the people who read me and wish me well!


  1. congratulations once again! you are rocking :D!!

    1. Hi Debajyoti! It is only that I seem to be making a song and dance about things that you take in your stride:)